What Happened in December

What happened in December is our car got totaled and we’ve been in and out of a bunch of hospitals and clinics.  Did I stop working toward making games?  No.   See?  Passion, when you figure out who you are, pulls you through automatically.  Figure out who  you are.

So, I won a grant for writing a different grant last month.  If we get the grant in July, then Grindcraftia will be funded.  Maybe it will get funded before then.

In January, we’re supposed to sell an engine, and that should give me enough time to port GrindCraftEngine to Javascript, and finally do some environments for our Mall Crawler.  If I didn’t mention before, Stranger Things is doing the exact same game setting – an 80’s mall in top-down isometric.  There’s is going to fight monsters.  Ours is like retro-future Streets of Rage.

Next up for us is creating our environment tools.  I’m really glad to start working on something more detailed after doing a bunch of business stuff over the fall.  This tool is going to be pretty powerful.  We’ll be able to create art assets very quickly, like as fast as you can do a build in Minecraft.  So we can throw together a few blocks, create some game world item, and hit save and we’re done.  Then, we’ll be able to combine items to create bigger items – a desk, for instance, or a rack of clothing.  And it will be done in voxels that can be super small, so it looks as good as 3d, but without rigging and meshes and stuff.  This means anyone and everyone can create items, and it allows us to put the editor inside Grindcraftia and allow players to make content.  Like imagine if Roblox or Minecraft allowed you to hit a button and upload your build so everyone could see it instantly.  By flattening out the user-generated content pipeline, it will be super easy for players to make and sell items.

That’s it for now.  Thanks for reading.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukkah, and Happy New Years.