I never thought I’d see the year 2020. Coincidentally, I recently worked out time measurements in Grindcraftia. 1=1 One second in Grindcraftia equals one second in the real world. Based on 8 An animation frame is 125 milliseconds,… Read More

Skin Tones

In all my games, it’s important to me to get skin tones right. In Grindcraftia, the pallete is purposefully limited to 64 colors, and 4 of them are used for skin. Here’s an image I got from a… Read More

Character Designs

Here are some character designs for Grindcraftia.  Our goal is to have a working demo this winter.  Some of the below characters are rendered using a building block toy.  We purposefully designed the characters so they would be… Read More

Phase 1 Post Mortem

This is a look at the last five years of my studio, JeTSpice Games, good and bad. January 30, 2015 JeTSpice Games publishes GrindCraft on Kongregate. It wins Game of the Week. Fans like it, offering ideas on… Read More