Tricks and Treats

Yeah, it’s not Halloween yet, but by the time I get to another post it will be. We’re still working on DeathMall! and on Dungeon Sweepers.  These are the two isometric games that will blaze the trail toward… Read More

A Bunch of Juicy Secrets

Last couple of months I’ve been working on 80’s retro games that are played on a laser.  Its the kind of laser you can burn a hole through your wall, and it draws by moving mirrors very quickly. … Read More

Spring Catch-All

This blog post is kind of a catch-all of the last couple of months. We’re working on an Isometric Voxel Engine and Multiplayer MMO for Grindcraftia.  We kind of have a shared video game technology universe, which allows… Read More

The Voxel-inator

Okay, let’s get into some game design for Grindcraftia finally.  I’m making a voxel-inator.  It’s a voxel modeling tool, but it doesn’t have (or need) all the functionality of say Magica Voxel.  But what it does need, is… Read More


It’s what comes after passion and vision.  Commitment is a trap if you don’t have your passion and vision well-defined. When the question of “How much time can you commit?” comes up, and I don’t know exactly what… Read More

What Happened in December

What happened in December is our car got totaled and we’ve been in and out of a bunch of hospitals and clinics.  Did I stop working toward making games?  No.   See?  Passion, when you figure out who you… Read More

The Grant Scheme of Things

This month, we’re applying for a grant.  Full disclosure as follows, minus trade secrets. Grindcraftia will allow users to configure any part of it.  In addition to modes like hardcore, survival, and creative, Grindcraftia will have a “meta”… Read More

Vision ision bo bision banana fana fo fision a me my mo mision Vision

Vision is another one of those big mysterious words. If you’ve ever had an idea, it might have been a vision.  But a vision is different from just an idea.  A vision will answer questions you haven’t asked… Read More

What’s This Thing about Passion?

For me, passion is like stacking the cards in your favor, so when difficulty comes along, you automatically plow through.  For me, passion comes at a cost. But the cost is not “hard work”.   The cost is being… Read More

Some ‘Splainin To DO

I feel like fans of GrindCraft are wondering if I’m ever going to make another game.  Short answer: yes.  Big question: When?  When are we going to release another game?  Well, last month I made 20 games.  They’re… Read More