Welcome. Tell me why you are here.

If you have a Software Idea

If you are local to the Spokane/CDA area, and you need help with your idea, contact
me and we can meet for an hour and talk about it. I've helped a lot of people form plans
that avoid pitfalls. I like the challenge. It's free and confidential. It helps our area grow.

If you're a Startup or Small Business

These are the types of problems I usually solve or design for:

"We have different kinds of users.
We need a UI that is not too complex but still has a lot of features."

"We need to preserve our branding, but allow customers to brand."

"We have code bases per client/OS. It would be nice to have just one."

"It would be nice to make changes remotely instead of republishing."


jeff@jetspicegames.com (preferred)
(208) 819 - 7497 (voice mail)

If you are a Government Agency, here are some things I've done for the DoD:

Other useful projects: